Kran Film er et produktionsselskab der er vokset ud af et eksperimenterende kunstnerisk filmkollektiv, som startede tilbage i slut 90’erne. 

Kollektivet laver film og projekter i mange forskellige internationale konstellationer, og ofte har filmene afsæt i billedkunsten, projekterne afsæt i det social politiske eller kunsten afsæt i filmen og den samtidige medierepræsentation. 


Medlemmerne arbejder som både filmfolk, kuratorer, lydkunstnere, billedkunstnere, projektledere, skuespillere, filmfotografer, filosoffer og antropologer. 


Kran Film Collective bredte sig ud over Europa, Mellemøsten og USA og medlemmerne arbejdede tæt sammen i perioder - og slet ikke i andre. 


Billedkunster og Film Instruktør Lasse Lau og Kreativ Producer og Projektleder Rie Hougaard  Landgreen åbnede i 2013 dørene for et egentlig produktionsselskab der bringer erfaringer med fra alle forgreninger af kollektivet, men som primært beskæftiger sig med kunstneriske dokumentarer og filmiske hybrider.

Kran Film is a Danish production company that has grown out of an artistic film collective that started back in the late 1990s.

The collective works with films and projects in many different international constellations, and often the films are based on the visual arts, the projects shaped by the social policy structures and the visual art projects based on contemporary media representations. 


The members work as filmmakers, curators, sound artists, visual artists, project managers, actors, film photographers, philosophers and anthropologists.

Gradually, Kran Film Collective broadened itself beyond Europe, the Middle East and the United States, and members worked closely together during periods - and not at in others.

In 2013, visual artists and film director Lasse Lau and creative producer and project manager Rie Hougaard Landgreen opened a production company that brings together experiences from all branches of the collective. 

Kran Film works with artistic documentaries and cinematic hybrids.

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About Lasse Lau

Lasse Lau (born 1974, Denmark) is an award-winning filmmaker and visual artist who looks at the spatial dimension of power to better understand society’s social struggles. His work addresses challenges and pitfalls in the relational and representational of space. 

His films have won Grand Prix Nanook at Jean Rouch Film Festival, the Nordic:Dox Award at CPH:DOX*, Best feature documentary at the Golden Raven Film Festival, Best World Cinema Feature Documentary at Kansas City International Film Festival, 1st prize at Fokus Videokunst Festival, and an honorary mention at Festival Der Nationen.

His films have among other been shown at Fotografisk Center, Beirut Art Center, British Museum, BOZAR, Edith-Russ-Haus fur Medienkunst, Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Lumiar Cité, Malmö Konsthall, Medrar for Contemporary Art, MOMA PS1, Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea Lisboa, Museum of Resistance Torino, OCAT, Smart Project Space, Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art, Westfälische Kunstverein and WRO Media Art Biennale. 

Lasse Lau studied at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, Berlin University of Art and the Funen Academy of Fine Art in Denmark. 

About Rie Hougaard Landgreen

Rie Hougaard Landgreen (born 1974, Denmark) is an award-winning creative producer and project manager who works with artistic documentaries, socio political cultural projects and theatre. 

Rie Hougaard Landgreen comes from a background in urban and social development and is former co-founder of the artist-driven gallery Kabine in Copenhagen who worked with younger contemporary artists and various exhibitions in the intersection between different art forms

In Kran Film she works to encourage films that can and will develop the film media as well as the
visually experimental, amazing soundscapes and political agendas.

Rie Hougaard Landgreen studied at the HafenCity University of Hamburg, Urban Development and Cultural Exchange, CAEI, Education and Culture- Grundtvig Program, Education and Culture Lifelong Learning, Grundtvig Program - and holds a BA in Design Technology

About Benj Gerdes

Benj Gerdes is an artist, writer, and organizer working in video, film, and related public formats, individually as well as collaboratively. He is interested in intersections of radical politics, knowledge production, and popular imagination.

His work focuses on the affective and social consequences of economic and state regimes, investigating methods for art and cultural projects to contribute to social change. His projects emerge via multiple articulations from long-term research processes conducted in dialogue with activists, trade unionists, architects, urbanists, geographers, and archival researchers.

Exhibitions and screenings include the Centre Pompidou, National Gallery of Art (U.S.), New Museum (U.S.), Rotterdam International Film Festival, and the Tate Modern. Publications include October, Public, The Journal of Aesthetics + Protest, Incite! and Rethinking Marxism.

He currently leads a professor group and seminar on logistics and infrastructure at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.