/ Denied a Country

Director Lasse Lau

A flamboyant, ostracized, Danish author from the early 20th century escaping his homeland is on a train traveling through the wild west.  The train passes through harsh landscapes of today where we meet a trans cowboy, a two-spirited native drifter, and a Chicano lesbian shopkeeper.



Director Ivalo Frank 

Recently, understanding of life’s origin was turned upside down as the first traces of life was found in Greenland. Meanwhile the icecap is melting rapidly. We follow a group of children in Greenland celebrating life between the beginning and the end.


/ The Tourist

Director Ida Grøn

After the death of Cold War Spy Jan, a bag appears with 8mm film rolls in it. Apparently these are memories from his tourist trips in Europe. What it slowly reveals is a rare insight into the gaze and heart of the spy. This is the universal tale of the struggle for freedom.


/ The Raven and the Seagull

Director Lasse Lau

Colonial history is rooted in the beautiful landscapes of Greenland and in the collective consciousness. The relationship between Greenland and Denmark is woven with fantasies and myths. 

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